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Why move your body to suit your bed, when you can move your bed to suit your body?

Your body and spine are curved not flat. If you sleep on a flat mattress, gaps are created between your body and the mattress and you are left without support in those areas. As a result, your own muscles will need to provide the support, meaning increased fatigue and aches and pains on waking – if you get to sleep at all that is!

An adjustable bed allows you to achieve a sleeping position that provides correct support to your body and spine. Plus an adjustable bed helps to distribute weight evenly across your body, thereby avoiding pressure sores – especially important it through illness, injury or disability, you spend long periods in bed. Plus if you ever need help getting out of bed, raising the back all the way up will give you the extra support you need to make things a little easier.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of specialist advisors making sure your purchase is made easy. Right from your initial enquiry through to installation of your product, every care and attention is made, making your transaction effortless.

So if you want to relax in comfort, get a better night’s sleep, or regain your independence either in your home or getting to the shops, HomeCare has the solution to all your mobility needs.

All adjustable beds in the HomeCare range come with a long and meaningful guarantee, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. Futhermore, any problems that may occur with your adjustable bed, we send out one of our fully-trained engineers, at a time that suits you, to fix the problem in your home without any upheaval.

A HomeCare recliner conforms to the highest standards ensuring quality, practically and most importantly comfort.

Is Your Current Mattress Supporting You Properly?

Having the correct support for your spine is imperative for deep and comfortable sleep. Mattress quality is vital for the immediate and long-term condition of your spine.

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